The Magnificence of Diamonds

Every Diamond has its charm with its brilliance and fire. No two diamonds are alike in the world which makes your diamond one of a kind.

Expertise in diamonds is considered an art form. Let us take you on a journey in the diamond world as we highlight some of the basic elements of this lavish rock.

First you must select the Shape and Cutting Style that interests you. The most popular shape is the round brilliant and is considered the shape that shows the best fire, brilliance and scintillation of a diamond. Also popular are fancy cuts, which come in a variety of different shapes as seen below:

Diamond Cuts

The most basic and widely accepted method of assessing quality of diamonds are the 4Cs: COLOR, CLARITY, CUT, CARAT WEIGHT

It is universally accepted to grade the color of a diamond from D to Z. D is considered to be colorless while Z has a light color.
The closer a diamond get to being colorless, the higher the considered value.

The clarity scale has eleven grades that start with FLAWLESS (no inclusions internally or externally) and end with I3 (inclusions that are visible to the naked eye). In order to determine the clarity of a diamond an expert must consider the number, size and nature of the inclusions.
No diamond can be pure but the closer a diamond gets, the higher the considered value.

Diamonds have the ability to transmit light that passes through them. The cut is an indicative way to grade how well the diamond interacts with light.
There are five grades for the cut of a diamond starting from EXCELLENT and ending with POOR. The higher the grade on the cut scale, the more brilliant your diamond is and the higher the considered value.

The diamond carat weight measures the weight of the diamond. One Carat has 100 points. If a diamond is 0.25ct it means that it is 25 points. If it is above one carat it is comprised of for example 1 carat and 10 points (1.10ct).
When all else is equal for a diamond (color, cut, clarity) the diamond has more considered value with higher carat weight because bigger diamonds are more rare and desirable.